Items Needed During Samayik

15 Aug

Some of the items we need during are as follows:

1. Charavalo
2. Katasanu
3. Muhapatti
4. Religious Books
5. Sthapanacharya
6. Navakarvali
7. Ghadi

Charavalo: is used to gently clean the floor (to make the space free of subtle living beings). It also allows the aspirant to move when it is necessary during the Sämäyik or Pratikraman. Its spiritual meaning is to remind us that we need to clean our soul of all karma particles. It reminds us of non-violence. Its stick is 24 fingers tall and it reminds us that we have been punished 24 different ways (24 Dandank, essentially expansion of four destinies) because of our karma. Its white-wool string-group is 8 fingers tall, to remind us that we are entrapped in the worldly existence (journey of misery) because of the eight main karma. Charavalo and Muhapatti, both constantly remind the aspirant that he/she is in Sämäyik, he/she has to exercise equanimity during the Sämäyik. Woman’s Charavalä has square wooden stick symbolyzing the entrapment in the four destinies, and man’s Charavalä has round wooden stick signifying freedom from the cycles of four destinies and attainment of Moksha.

Katäsanu: It is also known as Äsan. Katäsanu means the piece of mat on which one sits and experiences discomfort (kasht). It should be of white wool. Wool indirectly helps in abandoning the bad elements, and attracts the good elements. It insulates the body from loosing the energy that is generated due to the practice of Sämäyik. It protects subtle mobile living beings underneath. White color promotes peace and enhances the spiritual environment.

Muhapatti: It is a small piece of white cloth folded in a particular way, used in front of the mouth about 2 to 3 inches away while reciting Sämäyik Sutras. Because of Muhapatti, one becomes careful about what he/she speaks, and stops him/her from saying lies, and making provocative and non-beneficiary speech to others. One controls his/her speech, and speaks only when it is necessary. Uncontrollable spits are stopped by the muhapatti from falling on the instruments of knowledge such as books. Insentient and worm air that is coming out of the mouth is also stopped from mixing with sentient and cold air of the outside, thus becomes the act of non-violence. By use of Muhapatti, one becomes humble and courteous. Muhapatti is about 10 to 12-inch square white cloth piece, folded in half, then folded about one inch from the closed side, and then it is folded laterally. This way it has three open sides and one closed side, and it symbolizes that living beings attain Moksha through only one destiny9 - human beings, and not from other three destinies.

Religious books: To study for 48 minutes during Sämäyik.

Sthäpanächärya: The preceptor’s seat that is installed when the right guru10 is not present by putting a religious book that contains Navakär Mahämantra11 on a Säpada (book stand) with

Navakärväli on it. The aspirant sits facing East or North in front of the preceptor’s seat. This enables the aspirant to maintain the discipline, and develops the quality of humility. One does not gain spiritually without the proper guidance from the right guru.

Ghadi: Ghadi is a type of hourglass which helps us to know the time of 48 minutes.

Purification of mind is very critical for Sämäyik since purified mind purifies speech. Cleanliness of body and clothes is also important for the performance of Sämäyik.

In addition, clean, peaceful and non-polluted place, and the process of Sämäyik should be per the procedure setup by our great Ächäryas. No modification should be made, and all Sutras should be recited as correctly as possible. One must perform Sämäyik with true feeling in addition to its mechanical process.



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  1. a k jain

    August 15, 2012 at 11:44 am

    The words should be understandable by all sects of Jain, and needs little more explanation.
    I could not unerstand CHARAVALO, ETC

    • Jain Square

      August 17, 2012 at 3:27 pm

      these are the old names given to each of the item used during samayik. A detailed explaination is given under each heading. Looks like you just read the titles and didnt scroll down. Pls chk and if something unclear , let me know