Samayik-Path (Lene ki Vidhi)

16 Aug

-Path (Lene ki Vidhi)

Karemi Bhantel! I Perform,Respected Lords,
Samaiyam the Samayik.
Savajjam Jogam All the sinful activities
Pachchakkhami I vow to abstain from
Javaniyamam for the period prescribed
Pajjuvasami I worship you,Oh!Lords
Duviham Tivihenam with two fold activities and three fold yoga
Na Karemi Neither I will do
Na Karavemi nor cause others to do
Manasa,Vayasa, by mind speech
Kayasa and body
Karantam nanu janami and the doings(sins) by others will not felt fit and proper by me
Vayasa,kayasa by speech and body
Tass Bhante! From all this sins,Oh Respected Lords!
Padikkamami I restrain and remove myself (from sinful activities)
Nindami I hate or censure them
Garihami I reprimand them
Appanam I am detaching
Vosirami my soul(from all sins)




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